"Obama Just Lost My Mom's Vote" Because of Same-Sex Marriage


Columnist Gregory Kane explains how the issue of marriage convinced his mother, a Black Christian, to no longer support President Obama:

President Barack Hussein Obama might be in some deep trouble. He just lost my mom's vote.

I kind of had a hunch that Obama's support of same-sex marriage might go over with my devoutly Roman Catholic mother like ham and cheese sandwiches at a bar mitzvah. I was right.

"He lost my vote," my mom announced as I sat next to her during my annual Mother's Day visit. If other moms and grandmoms react similarly, Obama might be a one-term president.

...She was with him in 2008, but not in 2012.

And all those tired, worn-out accusations about the "bigotry" of those opposed to same-sex marriage won't work this time, at least not with my mom. She'll turn 90 on May 27. She's been a Mass-attending Catholic for decades and supports her church's position on same-sex marriage. She's not going to be swayed by anyone telling her what a "bigot" she is.

What if other senior citizens -- especially those who voted for Obama in 2008 -- feel the same way? What if there are a bunch of such senior citizens? Proponents of same-sex marriage aren't going to sway many senior citizens over to their position. It certainly won't work to tell them how "bigoted" they are.

... My mom will ease into her wheelchair and roll herself to the nearest polling station to vote out the man she voted in four years ago. Do you have a strategy to win her vote back, Mr. Obama? -- The Washington Examiner