Rev. Owens and Other Black Pastors Condemn Obama's Gay Marriage Support


Rev. Bill Owens is NOM's liaison to the African-American churches and we are so blessed to have his energy in this great fight!

It is the most hallowed phrase emblazoned on American currency. In God We Trust.

President Obama shocked many Americans last week with an endorsement, "It is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married."

But, a coalition of Memphis African American pastors take their trust in God literally in opposing President Barak Obama's public acceptance of same-sex marriage.

"Same sex marriage I think it's an abomination before God. It's a sin before God. I don't see how anyone can compare that with civil rights," says Rev. Robert Morris.

Pastor William Owens added, "We are not to slam the President. We're not to say we're not going to vote for him or we're going to vote for him. But, we just want our voice to be heard."

On an issue that for the incumbent President has become politically more than just a "tempest in a teapot", a dozen local black clergy leaders held a news conference in Midtown Memphis to publically ask for Obama to rescind his stance supporting gay marriage on moral and religious grounds. While intentionally choosing not to delve into the political ramifications Obama could face in a potential erosion of the black vote, there was a not too subtle cry for attention.

..."Whatever happens in society we cannot retreat from our duties of speaking truth to power," said Nashville clergyman Bishop Felton Smith.

The faith-based coalition warns if their words don't get the President to change his mind, they'll start to lean on action by announcing next week they'll be part of a nationwide petition drive denouncing same-sex marriage.

"We have several thousand. We seek to have 100-thousand, then we'll go to 200-thousand signatures from across the country asking Mr. Obama to please rescind his position," said Owens. "Some would like to call it a civil right. But, no right is a civil right if it's not square with God." -- My Fox Memphis

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