What Obama's Gay Marriage Endorsement Hath Wrought


Maggie Gallagher's column this week, "Obama's Gay Marriage Goof" is about the new dynamic unleashed by Obama's endorsement of gay marriage which will hurt him politically.

An example we just ran across, is this sermon from the First Baptist Church of Dallas, who said he was suddenly moved to preach on gay marriage:

Senior Pastor Gregg Matte of Houston's First Baptist Church in Texas explained that he felt compelled by God to change his May 13 sermon, originally focused on Mother's Day, to address President Barack Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage.

... "When you lift man higher than God, human choices are higher than God's commands," Matte preached. "And so the issue of gay marriage has become a civil rights issue when it is truly a theological issue."

On the topic of how Christians should vote, the pastor explained: "We must first vote our theology. Then we vote our preferences on policy." -- The Christian Post

This is happening whether you or I or Pres. Obama likes it or not:

Obama, by endorsing gay marriage, has broken through the media silence imposed on those who oppose gay marriage, generating new, unexpected and highly visible expressions of opposition.

All of a sudden, pastors across America are preaching against gay marriage. Conservative talk radio shows are addressing it. People are hearing that their friends and neighbors disapprove.

A new dynamic is in play, set in motion by Obama's misjudgment: He believed the pundits and chose the money over the voters.

That's almost always a bad bet for a president. In November, unless he evolves again, he will find out just how bad a bet that was. -- TownHall