UK Gay Writer: Stop Vilifying Opponents of SSM


The Christian Institute:

Activists seeking to rewrite the definition of marriage must stop trying to vilify those who oppose them, a gay writer has warned.

“If they don’t snap out of it they’ll even lose the support of gay people like me,” said Max Wind-Cowie.

He is Head of the Progressive Conservatism Project at Demos and he accused the “gay-rights brigade” of allowing their quest to redefine marriage to turn “into active hetero-phobia”.

And he branded the vilification of those who oppose the redefinition of marriage as “intolerant” and “ugly”.

He also criticised the advertising standards watchdog’s investigation of a Christian blogger who displayed a pro-marriage advert on his website.

Mr Wind-Cowie, who was writing in the Huffington Post, also warned that far from allowing a plurality of views ‘diversity’ has now come to represent “homogeneity” and “repression.”

Mr Wind-Cowie, who himself supports gay marriage, continued: “Hiding behind it, secularists and the ayatollahs of social liberalism are able to strip public discourse of the bits they don’t like – faith, orthodoxy, skepticism about change.