Capehart's Folly


Jonathan Capeheart, a particularly energetic activist on behalf of redefining marriage, claims NOM is "apoplectic" over America's "rapid change of public opinion" on marriage.

He also claims Obama, after his endorsement of same-sex marriage, is "doing just fine" and that national support for redefining marriage is "up today because of what he did."

Talk about inventing the reality you want to see.

NOM is hardly "apoplectic" over Obama's long-awaited flip flop on marriage. Instead, we believe it is broadly evident to most fair-minded Americans who have been watching the fall-out that Obama's abandonment of marriage has hurt him in the short run and will hurt him even more in November.

It is, after all, Democrats who are quickly abandoning the President over his new position. It is marriage that has pushed Obama's numbers down and raised Romney's support in key swing states such as Florida, not to mention North Carolina which just voted 61% in favor of Marriage, more, even, than Virginia did (57%) when given its chance to vote in 2006 and almost as much as Florida did (62%) in 2008, back when Pres. Obama still said publicly he believed in marriage.

And need we cite the recent poll showing 25% of Floridians are less likely to support Obama because of his marriage morph? Or the poll before that showing Romney now leading Obama by 8 in North Carolina?

If this is Capeheart's definition of Obama "doing just fine" he clearly wants to redefine more words than just "marriage."

Also important to note: it continues to be pro-marriage activists in Maryland and Washington State that are in the process of qualifying referendums to overturn gay marriage by putting the question to the people, and it is gay-marriage supporters (as usual) that are opposing these and similar efforts to allow the people of (for instance) Iowa, New York, and the District of Columbia to vote to restore their marriage laws. So who actually acts as if a majority of Americans support their view of marriage, us or Capehart and co.?

If these state initiatives are signs that marriage supporters are an "apoplectic" movement this is a very strange way of showing it.

Even the Democrat-leaning pollsters at Public Policy Polling have admitted that they don't believe polls showing a majority support for redefining marriage. James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal quotes a pollster who puts the actual support for gay marriage at closer to 40%, not the elusive 50% Capeheart wants to see. Americans, when they have voted, have tracked the lower figure.

Why is this the case? Because a solid majority of Americans have and will continue to believe that to make a marriage you need a husband and wife.

This same unmovable majority of Americans will be heading to the polls in November.

That's what should unnerve Obama's reelection team. Capehart should check in on how they are doing next.