New York Progressive Writes "Why I’m Coming Out... Against Gay Marriage"


Sean Collins is a writer based in New York. He sub-titles his article "A New York Progressive Braves the Opprobrium of His Peers by Questioning Same-Sex Marriage":

The growing clamor in favor of gay marriage has led me to recognize that it is important to speak out and be counted – against the gay-marriage campaign. This is not because I am a Christian or anti-gay, but because…

1) The gay-marriage campaign is elitist and believes its opponents are ‘bigots’

2) Same-sex marriage is not a civil right

3) Traditional marriage and the family are worth defending from state intrusion

4) The question of gay marriage has yet to be fully decided

...What remains to be seen is whether the politicization of gay marriage will lead to a strong reaction against it. The meaning of marriage, and the question of whether it should be changed to include gays and lesbians, should be a matter for public debate. For that reason, it is worth calling for state ballots: this is a social issue that should be decided democratically, not in courtrooms.

Today there is great moral pressure to fall in line behind the introduction of same-sex marriage. This is not due to the power of a relatively small number of gay activists; it is because the entire cultural elite – Democrats and increasingly Republicans – have thrown their collective weight behind gay marriage. In doing so, they are trying to assert their moral superiority by distinguishing themselves from so-called ‘bigots’.

In this environment, those who disagree with, or have questions about, gay marriage will feel tremendous pressure to start conforming. Opposing gay marriage has become a view that ‘dare not speak its name’. Following Obama, expect more public figures to be called upon to recant and say ‘I now believe’.

Well, count me out. I will not join the cultural elite’s bandwagon, a bandwagon that runs on self-flattery and the demonization of ‘backward’ voters. Critics of the same-sex marriage campaign are here, and we’re not all bible-thumping Christians – get used to it.

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