Sen. Mark Grisanti's Totally Fake "Real Story"


We've seen politicians do some desperate things as they struggle to cling to office after betraying their constituents on marriage, but the mailer Sen. Mark Grisanti just sent to his Buffalo constituents earns a special place in our hall of shame.

Our favorite line in his sugar-coated autobiography: "Mark Grisanti is one of us. [He has] a belief ... that being honest matters most."

Let's talk about honesty.

Was it honest of Mark Grisanti to accept money from NOM and other pro-marriage supporters by promising them that he would never vote to redefine marriage if elected?

Was it honest of Mark Grisanti to betray the trust of these same pro-marriage voters who got him into office when he in fact voted for gay marriage?

And most hypocritically of all -- is it honest for Mark Grisanti to pay for this mailer we quoted above, and his numerous TV ads, which are bankrolled with the money pro-SSM activists gave him to buy his vote on marriage, all while never mentioning his vote on gay marriage to his constituents?

Sen. Grisanti is making a cynical calculation that he can keep the voters of Buffalo in the dark about his vote to redefine marriage. And he has the audacity to run a campaign paid for almost exclusively by pro-SSM money while attempting to sweep under the carpet his most unpopular position.

But what gets us the most, and what we look forward to making his constituents in Buffalo aware of, is that Grisanti has chosen to do all of this while claiming the mantle of "honesty."

The citizens of Buffalo and New York deserve better.

It's time to teach Grisanti a lesson about what happens when a politician betrays and deceives the men and women who gave him the responsibility of holding public office in the first place.