Action Alert: Tell the Courts Judge Reinhardt MUST Step Down in Prop 8 Case


Judge Stephen Reinhardt has just refused to step down from a three-judge panel that will consider the arguments for and against Prop 8 on Monday -- in spite of the fact that his wife has provided legal counsel to one of the parties in the case! And in an unparalleled act of judicial arrogance -- he has refused in his initial order even to explain why!

My friend, in a few days a three-judge panel in San Francisco's 9th Circuit is going to consider Judge Walker's heinous attempt to overrule 7 million Californians and impose his values on the American people. (Visit for live coverage of Monday's oral arguments beginning shortly before 10am PT / 1pm ET.)

Unless you act today, one of these three judges will be Judge Stephen Reinhardt-and this very liberal judge has a serious conflict of interest that means he should disqualify himself from hearing this case.

I have an urgent, urgent request for you.

Will you call the 9th Circuit today, right now: and tell them: Judge Reinhardt should disqualify himself!

What's the problem? Judge Reinhardt's wife, the head of Southern California's ACLU, actually consulted as an attorney with the plaintiffs challenging Prop 8! Judge Reinhardt's wife gave legal advice to one of the sides in this case-how can he appear as an impartial abiter of justice!

The Judicial Code of Conduct forbids even the appearance of impropriety. And it would be improper for Judge Reinhardt to make himself arbiter of the fate of 7 million Californians when his own wife is an active part of one side's case!

This is urgent. Drop everything and call right now. (415) 355-8000.

Then pass this message on to your friends and urge them to call (415) 355-8000.

Remember, be rational, be polite, be your best self-this is the judiciary of the U.S. and they deserve our respect-but call today and tell them: "Judge Reinhardt must disqualify himself, because his wife has given legal advice to one of the parties in this case-and that's not fair!" Call (415) 355-8000.

For more background, click here to see NOM's press release. But please, as you value your liberty, as you value a fair and impartial judiciary, as you value you and your children's right to vote for marriage-call right now today! (415) 355-8000.