Catholic Blogger Writes About Her "Evolution Against Gay Marriage"


A catholic blogger writes about her evolution against gay marriage:

Like Obama, I have also evolved on the marriage debate. I suspect a lot of people journeyed a similar path, and even more so, I suspect a lot more people are evolving now. Here’s how I went from not really caring to wide-eyed activism.

“Let’s Be Diverse” Stage

“Ambivalent” Stage

“Leave Me Alone” Stage

“Imposing?” Stage

“I Must Stand” Stage: It is worth noting that even then, I still knew same-sex couples whom I considered friendly acquaintances. They respected my faith and my family, and they knew where I stood; there was trust. However, the hostility and tyrannical behavior of the “gay rights” activists was remarkably disturbing. Not only do they want to silence anyone who doesn’t approve, they want to harm them too. I grew resentful until I realized that anger wasn’t helpful, so I grew attentive and dedicated. I saw the slow creep of social change they pushed for – to make marriage meaningless – and I saw that it was not healthy for society, not good for the future of our children because it isn’t about the children. I saw the lies that a Godless society tells young people in greater clarity than ever before, and I saw how that message is destructive. Then I posted my frustration, and hell broke loose. I realized that I owe it to my children to defend the truth without compromise in my country and my world. Even more, I owe it to God who gave me those children.

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