Last Chance to Submit Pro-Marriage Petitions in Washington State!


Just a quick update for our pro-marriage friends in Washington State, if you have any outstanding signed petitions to put Referendum 74 on the ballot, please turn them into Preserve Marriage Washington right away!

Thank you!

You will be hearing more from the campaign to protect marriage in Washington State soon.

In the meantime, see their latest blog post:

"...don’t stop at 150,000.  That’s the bare minimum.  As with every campaign thousands of signatures will be unreadable or invalid for other reasons.  And we know our opponents will work tirelessly to disqualify as many as possible.

So keep piling on – 175,00…185,000…can you do 200,000 by June 6th?  We think you can.

We will continue to mail petitions to anyone who asks through this Friday and will include a return FedEx label for you to use on Monday or Tuesday to return your signatures to our office.

This also means that you have one more weekend in your faith-community to gather signatures.  Believe it or not, we get calls every day from people who are just hearing about the campaign and want to get their church, their neighborhood, or their family involved.

So let’s not stop at 150,000.  Blow that number away and shoot for the stars.