Yahoo! Australia on Man "Married" to Twin Sisters


Yahoo! 7 Australian:

"...Christian lobby groups have seized on the perceived 'threat' of polygamous marriage to argue against the case for gay marriage in Australia.

They claim that gay lobby groups' arguments for equality in marriage, must also logically extend to polygamous marriage – a notion which has been rejected by lobby groups and The Greens.

Those groups say they are simply fighting for recognition of marriage as being between two consenting, loving adults, not a group of three or more.

Mr Glasby believes polygamy poses no threat to Australian society, and would simply legally recognise something which already exists here informally.

"I think in mainstream society there is a view that any kind of multiple partner relationship is all about sex," he wrote, "In our case, we really had no choice. The circumstances in all our lives were such that in order to move on, we had to be together.

"As I was already very much in love with my wife, and as I fell in love with her sister, and as the sisters had bonded so strongly after being apart for so long, our choice to live like this made sense."

The three partners will share their story, along with Aboriginal and Muslim partners living on polyamorous relationships tonight on Insight, SBS at 8.30."