NOM's Peters on Momentum for Marriage in Washington State


Christopher Goins of CNSNews with some quotes from our own Thomas Peters about the momentum for marriage in Washington State:

"Thomas Peters, cultural director at the National Organization for Marriage, told that there's little chance that the repeal effort will lose steam. The six-month stretch between now and the election actually gives Preserve Marriage Washington more time to mount a campaign, he said.

“I don’t think there’s much question about being able to keep up energy,” Peters said. “It’s actually more time for us to organize.”

The next step for Preserve Marriage Washington is to get 100,000 volunteers signed up, says Peters.

Peters added that the experience from the signature gathering process was that Preserve Marriage Washington was able to identify “a much wider coalition in support of marriage” than the similar efforts in the past conducted on the East Coast.

Of the 32 states that have voted on the issue of marriage, all 32 have voted to preserve traditional marriage. The National Organization of Marriage says it is confident that Washington State will do likewise."

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