UK Poll: Gay Voters Not That Interested in Marriage


As many as one in four gay people in Great Britain oppose gay marriage and only a minority describe SSM as a "priority."

We do not know how this poll was done but it suggests far more diversity of opinion within the gay community than the media conveys:

More than a quarter of homosexual people think there is “no need” to allow same-sex couples to marry because civil partnerships already give them the same rights, a poll suggests.

The first poll of its kind in Britain also found that only a minority of gay people believe redefining marriage should be a “priority” and only half said that having the opportunity to marry was important to them personally.

By contrast a similar proportion of homosexual people thought that David Cameron is only planning to change the law “to make his party look more compassionate” rather than out of conviction.

The survey by ComRes, on behalf of the religious campaign group Catholic Voices found that more than three quarters of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people supported same-sex marriage in principle.

And just over seven out of 10 believed marriage should be “more about love between two people than it is about rearing children”.

But only a minority (39 per cent) said that it was a “priority for gay people” and just over a quarter thought there was “no need” to change the law because civil partnerships, introduced under the last government, already confer the same legal rights as marriage.

But 49 per cent disagreed with this argument and 25 per cent were unsure.

The poll suggests that support for changing the law to redefine marriage among the homosexual community could be more lukewarm than previously thought. -- UK Telegraph