Complaint Against Minnesota Family Council Dismissed!


Beth Hawkins of the MinnPost reports on the final result of the spurious effort to harass the Minnesota Family Council through the campaign finance and public disclosure board:

"...Last week, the state Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board rejected a complaint filed in March by Common Cause of Minnesota, which claimed that MFC was violating state law by refusing to name its donors. In arriving at its conclusion, the board relied on two different dictionary definitions — one from Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, the other from the Oxford English dictionary — of the word “purpose.”

The MFC hailed the decision as the right outcome.

“We applaud the decision of the board,” CEO John Helmberger said in a statement. “The Common Cause complaint was nothing but a political stunt designed to harass donors to MFC. It is clear that MFC complied with Minnesota law and all of the CFB’s guidance and we anticipated that the CFB would reject the complaint upon completion of their analysis.”

You can read the CFPDB's published findings here.