Gay Activists Threaten to Challenge Catholic Doctrine in Court If Schools Don't Obey Bill 13


Here in the U.S. it is mostly prominent individual gay rights activists like Dan Savage who are telling other people's teenagers and kids they should get over "that Bullsh*t in the Bible".

In Canada gay marriage activists are threatening to go into schools to get that "crap" --i.e. Catholic teachings about sexuality and family-- out of them, at least when it comes to anti-bullying clubs:

"As Catholic bishops in Ontario scramble to figure out how to square McGuinty’s new law mandating Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) with Catholic teaching on sexual morality, homosexual activist groups say that they are prepared to challenge Catholic doctrine in court come September.

After Catholic Bishop Fred Colli of Thunder Bay made statements last week that GSA clubs in Catholic schools would be “true to the teachings of our Church”, Ontario Gay-Straight Alliances Coalition lawyer Doug Elliott told the omosexual news service Xtra! that if Catholics “driven by the position of the Vatican” think they have found a loophole in the legislation, then they will be hauled before the courts.

“If the schools try to play games with kids …. the law is clear. We won’t put up with any of that crap come September,” Elliott said. “If you’re not complying with the law, then we’re going to take you to court. It’s that simple.” -- LifeSiteNews