Christian Group Demands Ontario Use Bill 13 to Protect Students from Christophobia


Turning the tables:

In the wake the passage of Ontario’s “anti-bullying” Bill 13, Christian parents and leaders in the Hamilton area are demanding that their school board address what they say are instances of Christian children being bullied for their beliefs in public schools.

“There is a sincere need for anti-Christophobia efforts in the public schools of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB),” said Jim Enos, president of the Hamilton-Wentworth Family Action Council to LifeSiteNews. “Children from traditional biblically moral homes need to be offered a safe environment at public school.”

The issue of Christian children being bullied was brought to the attention of board members during a meeting Monday evening. Father Geoffrey Korz, Dean of Ontario for the Orthodox Church in America, and General Secretary of the Pan-Orthodox Association of Greater Hamilton, told an HWDSB committee that according to Statistics Canada, hate-motivated attacks against traditional religious groups increased by 55% over the past two years.

... He said that Christian parents can “only imagine” what it would be like to see their children’s values and beliefs being affirmed and promoted in public schools in the same way that the LGBT community’s values and beliefs are currently being affirmed and promoted.

“You’d see things like Christian Celebration week and Christian heroes specifically identified in school curriculum. You’d see Christian celebration posters in the hallways and Christian-safe classrooms with the cross posted on the classroom doors as an identifier. Finally, you’d see things like mandatory attendance of students and staff to anti-Christophobic assemblies where everyone would be able to listen to Christian speakers and to gain understanding of the biblically moral Christian community.”

“And this is just the short list,” Enos said. -- LifeSiteNews