Wash Times: "The Left Deals Hate Card to Stifle Dissent"


Rebecca Hagelin in today's Washington Times, quotes NOM's Chairman Maggie Gallagher, and responds not only to the Southern Poverty Law Center's designation of Family Research Council and others as "hate groups"--but also to a major LA Times columnist who applauded the SLPC's move:

"Tim Rutten, a columnist at the Los Angeles Times, applauds the SPLC action for drawing a line 'where the expression of religiously based views on social issues ends and hate speech begins.' Mr. Rutten mistakenly argues that 'even the most objectionable religious dogma' (like the biblical opposition to homosexual behavior) is protected by the Constitution, but only if that belief "stays under the church roof." (Mr. Rutten misses the fact that plenty of folks who don't attend church support traditional morality.)

Teach your children that folks who advocate silencing religious views in the public square are attacking a key right the First Amendment was designed to protect.

Mrs. Gallagher also cautions that when homosexual activists liken their plight to racial prejudice, they seek to induce "moral shame" in the hearts of good people. Teach your children to hold fast to the truth and refuse the burden of unfair guilt. We know what marriage is. And no amount of lobbying or name-calling can change that truth. Our only shame would be to keep silent in the face of lies."