Fortnight for Freedom Starts TOMORROW!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

If you've read the papers lately—or especially if you're a regular reader of my weekly e-newsletter—you know the alarming and increasing pressures on people of faith. Believers forced to abandon their religious convictions when they enter the public square. Religious agencies forced to shut their doors or violate key tenets of their faith.

Whether it's Catholic Charities being forced out of the adoption business, a Christian photographer fined for declining to film a same-sex wedding ceremony, or the HHS contraceptive mandate, the challenges for religious individuals and institutions are increasing to levels not seen in decades. I hope you'll take a moment to watch this new video from our friends at, powerfully explaining what is at stake in this fight.


And that's why NOM is pleased to join the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in observing a "Fortnight for Freedom," a period of prayer and public education beginning tomorrow as the Catholic Church celebrates the courage and conviction of St. Thomas More, and concluding on America's Independence Day, July 4th.

We are tremendously grateful for the leadership of Bishop Lori of Baltimore and of all the U.S. Catholic Bishops, setting aside these next two weeks to celebrate our heritage of religious liberty and educate the American people about the growing threats to our first freedom.

But religious liberty isn't just a Catholic issue—Americans from all faith traditions are joining together in this celebration of religious liberty! The Catholic Church is our nation's largest religious body, and by far the largest non-governmental provider of social services. The stakes are enormous...and all people of faith need to stand together to defend our freedom to participate in the public square as believing citizens.


Here are just a few of the ways that individuals, churches and clergy across the country are coming together to celebrate and protect our religious freedoms over the next 14 days:

  • Special religious services
  • Focused prayer
  • Sermons on religious heritage and faithfulness in the face of political persecution
  • Bulletin inserts on religious liberty
  • Ringing of church bells across the nation at noon on July 4th!

I urge you to join us in celebrating the Fortnight for Freedom! Please talk to your pastor to discuss how your diocese or church can participate. And if your church isn't hosting a special event, you can go to to participate with other churches in your area.

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