Gay Marriage Repeal Bill Introduced in Albany!!!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

In March, David Storobin pulled off a historic upset: he won a seat in the New York Senate as a pro-marriage Republican in Brooklyn, one of the bluest districts in the entire country. He beat out the strongly pro-gay marriage Lew Fidler and replaced the disgraced Senator Carl Kruger, who sold out his constituents, flip-flopping and voting for gay marriage last year.

Just 10 days into his term, the new Senator Storobin is already making good on campaign promises to stand up for marriage in Albany, introducing the "New York State Defense of Marriage Act" to define marriage as between a husband and wife.

He needs—and deserves—our support!

Please take 2 minutes right now to contact your State Senator to let him or her
know that you expect them to support Senator Storobin's bill.

Following his stunning, come-from-behind victory, Albany's newest Republican continues to shock the establishment, showing that the same-sex marriage debate is not over in New York.

NOM has vowed to spend $2 million in New York elections to oppose those politicians who support gay marriage, and to win for the voters their right to vote on the definition of marriage.

You and I must support this fledgling marriage champion in Albany!

But Senator Storobin is just the beginning! Together, we can elect new pro-marriage allies to the House and Senate this November, and send a pro-marriage majority to Albany willing to fight for the future of marriage in New York.

Won't you please support NOM PAC NY today by making a secure online donation
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Supporter, it's time for the elite and the media to start paying attention to what has happened since same-sex marriage was imposed in New York:

  • In New York's 9th Congressional District, a pro-marriage Republican congressman was elected to a House seat that was held by Democrats for decades (since 1923 to be exact!);
  • Pro-marriage David Storobin has been elected in a heavily Democratic seat replacing a gay marriage backer;
  • Republican James Alesi was forced to retire from the Senate after his vote for same-sex marriage made it too difficult to get even compete in his own primary;
  • Mark Grisanti faces both a primary and general election challenge and is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to salvage his reputation after voting for gay marriage;
  • Senator Roy McDonald is in deep political trouble and has lost critical support over his vote in favor of gay marriage.

By the time all is said and done, those politicians responsible for passing same-sex marriage will be gone and NOM will still be there working with pro-marriage legislators to restore marriage in New York.

Please support David Storobin and his efforts to defend marriage today!

And please consider helping NOM PAC NY win even more victories for marriage with your generous gift today!

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Thank you for all you have done to make these victories possible. These next 5 months are critical as we take the next steps together.

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