New Pro-Marriage Group Forms in New Hampshire


The Union Leader reports on a new group that has formed in New Hampshire:

"...a group of social conservatives and “politically active Christians of all denominations” have established a new nonprofit issues-advocacy group and state political action committee. They expect to have a “powerful impact” on the 2012 general election and the next session of the Legislature.

Families Across New Hampshire (FANH) is the brainchild of veteran Republican political strategist Michael Dennehy, a Concord lobbyist and former senior advisor to John McCain.

The financial goal for the PAC, Dennehy says, is to spend $150,000 to advocate for the election of “pro-family” candidates for state office during the 2012 elections and for the nonprofit to air issue-advocacy advertising.

While the prime focus will be on the general election, “We may get involved in some primaries if there is a clear distinction, and we will support pro-family Democrats as well,” Dennehy said.