Sign the Petition! NOM Announces Protest of General Mills


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Just a few months ago, Starbucks announced that gay marriage was "core" to the beliefs of their company and formally endorsed same-sex marriage in Washington State. NOM responded by organizing a protest of Starbucks—and nearly 45,000 people have now signed the DumpStarbucks petition.

Well, the radical left of corporate America is at it again...and this time it's General Mills. If you had a hard time figuring out what coffee has to do with gay marriage, good luck figuring out what the connection is with breakfast cereals. But for whatever reason, General Mills has entered the Culture War, announcing its corporate opposition to the marriage amendment in Minnesota on the ballot this November which would define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Supporter, this is extremely serious! We cannot allow Corporate America throw its weight behind the gay marriage movement!

Please take 60 seconds to sign our petition to let General Mills know that backing gay marriage is just bad business!

The petition helped begin a movement that is sending a powerful message to corporate America: Don't Mess With Marriage!

Apparently, General Mills missed that message. So, please, send it to them right now so there can be no uncertainty. Go sign our petition asking General Mills to reconsider their ill-advised decision to back the same-sex marriage movement.

We need you now more than ever as we are reaching a "line in the sand" moment—we cannot allow corporate America to throw its prestige, influence, power and money behind same-sex marriage.

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