NY Catholic Conference: Lesbian Lawsuit an "Attack on Religious Liberty"


We reported on this news last week.

Lower Hudson News adds more this week:

The New York State Catholic Conference has called a lesbian couple’s class-action lawsuit against St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Yonkers an attempt “to compel the hospital (and all Catholic employers) to violate their religious beliefs.”

... The medical center is a Roman Catholic organization; the Catholic Church opposes same-sex marriage.

In a statement issued today, the Catholic Conference framed the couple’s lawsuit and New York’s legalization of same-sex marriages as an undermining of the separation of church and state. It put quotation marks around the word married in describing the couple’s relationship and said the Marriage Equality Act infringes “on the religious liberty of Catholic employers.”

“We urge the governor and the legislature to pass legislation immediately to approve a full religious exemption to this ill-conceived law,” the group said. “We also continue to urge other states to use New York’s experience as a cautionary reminder of the true implications of the redefinition of marriage on religious liberty.”