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Dear Marriage Supporter

Perhaps you've never heard of the Secretary of State Project. But if you haven't, you should.

With backers including George Soros and Tim Gill, the Secretary of State (SoS) Project is quietly packing Secretary of State offices across the country with left-wing activists...designed to tip the balance in close elections.

Gill, Soros and their cronies know one thing: For less than a million dollars, they have already had a major impact in important, but overlooked statewide races. Or, as the American Spectator put it, "Political observers know that a relatively small amount of money can help swing a little-watched race for a state office few people understand or care about...Talk about return on investment!"

And that's putting it mildly.

One of those first SoS Project targets was Minnesota – where with just a few dollars they managed to replace a two-term incumbent with former community organizer and ACORN ally, Mark Ritchie.

That race paid Soros and company their first dividends as Ritchie oversaw the 2008 recount between Norm Coleman and Al Franken.

And now Ritchie is USING THE POWER OF HIS OFFICE to UNDERMINE the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment, a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as between "one man and one woman."

Simply put, the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment would amend the Minnesota Constitution to include the words: "Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota."

But Mark Ritchie apparently didn't like the way the amendment was worded, and now when people step into the voting booth, thanks to Mark Ritchie, this is the new title people will read:

"Limiting the status of marriage to opposite sex couples."

Yes, you read that right. Ritchie is trying to slant the wording to bias the outcome.

Just about any pollster will tell you: a shift from neutral wording to prejudicial language—like Mark Ritchie's prejudicial language—can help swing the results of an election, particularly in a tight race.

Instead of being asked to decide if marriage is "the union of one man and one woman," Mark Ritchie wants voters to decide if they want to "LIMIT" the definition of marriage. Of course, the truth is that all that the Marriage Protection Amendment does is take Minnesota's current definition of marriage—one man, one woman—and put it in the state constitution where it will be safe from meddling by activist judges and ambitious politicians like Ritchie.

This is the type of organized, well-financed opposition we are up against, not just in Minnesota, but in Maryland, Maine, and Washington, too.

We only have 4 months to save marriage, not just in Minnesota but in the ENTIRE NATION. We only have 4 months to spread the truth and overcome Mark Ritchie's provocative and prejudicial language.

Time is running out! Given the high-stakes presidential election, last-minute television and radio ad buys in October and November MUST BE PURCHASED RIGHT NOW. In a matter of days or weeks, it may not be possible to secure that air time. It might be gone...unavailable...In order to get the truth out in the crucial hours before people go to the polls we must buy the air time NOW!

Please use this hyperlink to help fight back against Mark Ritchie's misleading description of the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment. Your generous donation today of $50, $100, or even $500 will go directly to the four marriage ballot measure campaigns to help get the word out at this crucial time.

I'm convinced we can overcome Mark Ritchie's campaign to sabotage the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment.

We have four months to make sure that every voter, not just in Minnesota, but also in Maryland, Maine and Washington, has heard our message on marriage.

Our opponents understand the stakes. They are working, and giving, around the clock to paint us—and folks like you—as hateful and bigoted.

WE CAN WIN, but ONLY if we get the truth out.

If our opposition is willing to give millions of dollars to force a redefinition of marriage on everyone; what are you willing to do?

Please click here to make your most generous gift of $20, $50, $100, or even $500 or more to Stand for Marriage America. Every dollar will go to protecting marriage in the four states where marriage is on the ballot this November.

We know who will win in the end. And working together, we know who will win in November. Thank you for all you do.

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