Video: Black Pastors Call on Pastors to Withhold Support for Obama over Marriage


FOX 17 Nashville:

President Obama is facing sharp criticism tonight form a group that was among his biggest supporters. A coalition of African-American pastors is upset with the President's support for gay marriage. This group of pastors held a news conference at Opryland to voice its disapproval with the President's position. Several pastors say they believe the the President is leading the country down a dangerous path.

"His pronouncement is in fact a direct attack on the God of the Bible and the Christian faith," says Quinn Chapel AME's Luke Robinson.

"We were once proud of you, but our pride has turned to shame that you, the man holding the most powerful position in the world, would stoop to leading the country down an immoral path," says the Coalition of African-American Pastors' Bill Owens.

The group is now calling on black pastors across the country to withhold support from President Obama in the November election.