OneNewsNow Helps Push Dump General Mills Well Past 20,000 Mark!


Our thanks to Charlie Butts and OneNewsNow for their coverage of our Dump General Mills campaign -- now with well over 20,000 signatures!

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has formally launched a boycott of General Mills for its opposition to Minnesota's Marriage Protection Amendment.

Voters in The North Star State will have a chance in November to vote on a proposed constitutional amendment that would bar anything other than traditional marriage. Jonathan Baker, a spokesman for NOM, explains why the boycott of General Mills has become necessary.

... "We started, working on the website," Baker details. "It is live now, and it gives folks a chance to come together with other like-minded individuals and tell General Mills that we don't appreciate their stance."

The website also provides a list of all of the products General Mills puts on the market. NOM hopes to help shoppers decide whether they will continue to purchase them.