Video: Dr. Keith Ablow on Threats Against Those Trying to Do Good Science on Gay Parenting


Here is the video interview with Fox News Studio B where Dr. Keith Ablow admits he hesitates to write about same-sex parenting and related issues because every time he does he gets threats (see our related NOMblog story here).

After explaining the new research on same-sex parenting, Dr. Ablow says:

"...these are concerning data, that have to be investigated, and I know how controversial it is but as a doctor, as somebody who cares about science, you can't dismiss numbers that come across as compelling as these do."

And later in the interview:

"'s such a controversial thing [talking about this issue], I have to tell you I hesitate to write the blog. Because every time I do I get threats -- no I get threats, people come, they're going to come to my office, they're going to burn down my house, it's incredible ... in this politically correct insane environment, citing data doesn't seem to be compelling enough, because there's a lot of hatred."

Watch the whole segment: