Ruben Diaz: President Obama Has Risked His Re-Election on SSM


New York State Senator Ruben Diaz writes about the political repercussions of supporting SSM:

"...Recent polls indicate that the African-American community in the nation is divided in respect to same-sex marriage. A Pew Center Poll recently found that 63% of African-Americans reject gay marriage and only 37% are in favor. 

This is not the first time that Rev. Williams Owens and the Coalition of African-American pastors have criticized President Barack Obama in response to same-sex marriage. In May, Rev. Owens issued a statement condemning the President for comparing the gay rights movement to the African-American civil rights movement.

In his statement, at that time, Rev. Owens said: “The hijacking of the civil rights movement by homosexuals, bisexuals and gender confused people is unacceptable. There is no legitimate comparison between skin color and sexual behavior.”

I believe that many elected officials will lose constituents and some will lose their seats because of their position in favor of same-sex marriage and the Democratic Party is in danger of losing the majority in the United States Senate and even the President’s re-election could be problematic and all of this because of same-sex marriage."