Reader Clarifies Not All Relationships Are Marriage


Elizabeth Schreiner of Lakeville, MN writes to the editor of the Sun This Week:

Your Sun This week of July 6 had some letters to the editor that spiked comment in me. The “other side of the coin” so to speak.

I don’t know how anyone can get so mixed up in their thinking over the proposed marriage amendment. I keep reading Veda Kanitz’s letter and think she should do more research on the real issue.

Her letter states that Sherry and Barb are two beautiful “children of the universe” in a beautifully committed relationship, but I say that is what it is. It’s a relationship, but not a marriage.

The proposed amendment doesn’t try to change their personal life or their personal choices or desires, so what’s the big fuss? The amendment shouldn’t and doesn’t bother their routine at all. They had and have the freedom to choose their way of life and good luck to them.