Reuters Comes Out for Gay Marriage in Minnesota


Maggie Gallagher comments over at The Corner blog:

The news organization has officially come out opposing the Minnesota Marriage Amendment which simply defines marriage as one man and one woman. They pretend this is a business decision with no other implications.

“Thomson Reuters has 7,900 employees in Minnesota. In the e-mail, company officials also noted that the company’s position is a “business decision” and that “as a news organization, Thomson Reuters is dedicated to upholding our Trust Principles and does not advocate political or religious positions.”We believe the Minnesota Marriage Amendment, if passed, would limit our ability to recruit and retain top talent,” the e-mail said. “For this reason, we do not believe that the Amendment would be good for Thomson Reuters or the business community in the state.”

The marriage amendment does not change Minnesota’s current law, and nine out of ten of the top states for business (according to a new CNBC ranking) have marriage amendments.