Ann Widdecombe: "Freedom of Speech and Thought at Risk" Over SSM


Ann Widdecombe writes about the conference that our own Brian Brown spoke at, which was denied access to two venues because organizers wishes to silence the pro-marriage speeches:

It is reported that a large conference centre in London, much used by government, is facing being sued after it refused to allow a pro-marriage conference to take place despite having already allowed a similar gathering in favour of gay marriage.

The arguments in favour or against gay marriage are not important in this context.

The issue is a simple one: freedom of speech.

I would never seek to prevent a conference taking place just because I did not share the views of the organisers.

I hold passionate views on abortion and hunting but those who take the opposite stand also have passionate views and in a true democracy both sides of any argument must be equally free to voice their beliefs.

A society where only those who agree with the state's view about something are free to be heard does not even begin to offer liberty of expression and nor does one where freedom of assembly is restricted to those of prevailing orthodoxy. -- The UK Express