SSM Flip-Flopper McDonald Furiously Spending Money to Fend Off Conservative Challenge


From the Albany Times Union Capital Confidential blog, proof that Sen. McDonald knows his re-election chances are in danger because of his vote for gay marriage:

Sen. Roy McDonald, R-Saratoga, spent $365,081 over the last six months — quite a burn rate for this early in the cycle. McDonald appears to be paying three campaign staffers, and also spent $20,000 to retain Bill Powers & Associates. Powers was the former chairman of the Rensselaer County GOP and Republican State Committee. McDonald’s committee also paid $10,000 to Hudson Valley Strategies, the political consulting company run by Rensselaer County Legislature spokesman Rich Crist.

– McDonald also used his campaign money to pay small donations to various charities in the region, likely tied to some kind of event or gala. They range from the Lansigburgh Boys & Girls Club to the Saratoga Senior Center.

– McDonald paid $22,500 for a poll by Public Opinion Strategies on April 24, roughly a month after Saratoga County Clerk Kathy Marchione announced her candidacy against him.

– The campaign spent $119.25 at The Snowman, an ice cream stand in Lansingburgh where $119.25 gets you A LOT of frozen treats.

– As he criss-crossed the new district pitching party committees for their endorsement, McDonald spread around some cash. He donated $4,500 to the New York State Independence Party, which has given him its line; $1,000 to the Troy Republican Committee, which endorsed him; $1,000 to the Columbia County Republican Committee, whose chair endorsed him; $1,000 to the Columbia County Conservative Party, which endorsed him and helped carry petitions for Edward Gilbert, who McDonald’s aides deny any connection with, and $2,000 to the Saratoga Springs Republican Committee, which endorsed him.

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