Tea Party Activist: Chick-Fil-A Struggle is about Freedom


Judson Phillips at Tea Party Nation:

"...This is a battle about freedom.  The left always screams that we must be tolerant of their beliefs but when is the left ever tolerant of someone who disagrees with them.  The left has repeatedly tried to shut down conservatives from Rush, to Beck to Fox News and the list goes on.

Liberals, like Boston’s idiot in chief, do not want anyone to have a choice.  They do not want anyone to disagree with them.   Liberals would prefer to silence those who disagree with them.  Liberals like Boston’s wannabe dictator would prefer a dictatorship where they can simply rule and if you disagree with them, they’ll put you in jail.

We must stand up for Chic fil A.  I encourage everyone to stop by Chic fil A and have a meal there or at least get some of their great iced tea.

When you do, tell them you are a supporter of the Tea Party and you stand with Chic fil A and stand for freedom."

Just a reminder that Wednesdays are Eat More Chikin day!