From Iconic to Ironic – Steve Jobs Transformation into Big Brother


Apparently Apple Computers “got the memo” that it is “OK” to discriminate against Christians. Leading that charge is their Chairman/CEO Steve Jobs. Despite one of the highest positive ratings available (4+), Apple pulled an app developed by the Manhattan Declaration—a group of 500,000 Christians who have publicly declared their support for traditional marriage, life and religious liberty—from their iTunes store.

NOM is fighting back with this powerful new video calling on all Christians to email Jobs and demand that they reinstate the app to the iTunes store.

Steve Jobs is an iconic figure, a legendary marketer who sprang to public attention in 1984 with his famous ad promoting the Macintosh computer by taking on “Big Brother.” Since then, Jobs has made billions in his information age battle against Big Brother. Ironically, in deciding to pull the Manhattan Declaration app, Steve Jobs has become “Big Brother.”

The app in question would help Christians sign the Manhattan Declaration and encourage their friends and family to likewise do so. It was approved by Apple reviewers and rated 4+, certified to contain no offensive material. Yet Apple pulled the app after an online petition by gay marriage activists. An Apple spokesperson said the app was “offensive to large groups of people.”

What’s offensive is the action of Steve Jobs. Jobs allows applications in support of gay marriage and abortion. Planned Parenthood has an app, so do several gay marriage groups. There’s an app to sign petitions to repeal Proposition 8 in California. And there is even an app coming to allow gay marriage backers to “report” priests and pastors who preach about the sanctity of marriage!

NOM is not going to be bullied as Jobs and Apple insult Christians and the majority of Americans who support marriage as the union of men and women. This is the latest attempt by technology billionaires to marginalize and isolate marriage supporters, attempting to drive us form the public square.


We don’t have the resources to compete with a billionaire like Steve Jobs. But we do have grassroots supporters like you! Please watch the video and then share it with all your family and friends. Ask them to take action by contacting Steve Jobs and demand that they reinstate the Manhattan Declaration app. Click here to send an email to Steve Jobs and other members of the Apple board.

Please help us spread the word about this incredible video by making a donation to NOM today. NOM is fighting hard to preserve marriage, including in legislatures, in court and in the court of public opinion – even when billionaires try to stop us.

Steve Jobs has built Apple into one of the most powerful companies in the world by helping develop the information age, making billions in profits in the process. We certainly don’t object to him making money by marketing devices for consumers to access the incredible amount of information that is available today through the Internet, social media and other sources. What we do object to, however, is Jobs censoring that information, especially when it comes to something as important as the preservation of marriage.