Rush Limbaugh Talks to Caller Intimidated by Door-to-Door Gay Rights Activist

CALLER: Hi, Rush.  It's so good to be on your program today calling from beautiful Lakeville, Minnesota.  And I'm calling because I am a conservative Christian stay-at-home mom who believes in liberty and freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  Three nights ago I had a gentleman come knocking at my door wanting me to sign a petition that would be against the voter amendment which will appear on Minnesota ballots in November that defines marriage as one man and one woman and then also the voter ID.  And when I told him that I could not sign that petition because I, as a Christian, believe in one man and one woman as the definition of marriage, this young man literally went berserk.  He flipped out and got so angry to the point where, even his countenance, I felt like I was just looking at a very evil person.  And then he started accusing me that I was for the suppression of women and just going way off the wall.  It was profound.RUSH:  What?  What?  How in the world is that --

CALLER:  And then I came back to him and said, "You know, I do support your right and your liberty to express your viewpoint.  And then I also have my viewpoint."  And then he really went off the wall and started yelling and screaming and shouting and waving his arms.  I started to fear for my safety, and I told him promptly that I was gonna have to end this conversation.  And I'll be really honest, Rush.  I mean, I'm a former schoolteacher, and I can spot a bully a mile away...