Minnesota Voter Says Look to Iowa for Why We Need to Pass the Marriage Protection Amendment


Morris Gildemeister of Hastings, MN on the clear and present danger to marriage in states without Marriage Protection Amendments:

"...Our neighboring state of Iowa provides an excellent example of why marriage should be defined as between a man and woman in the state constitution, as the amendment up for a vote this fall would provide.

Iowa legislators passed a law in 1998 defining marriage as between a man and woman, similar to the law presently on the books in Minnesota.

But in 2005 a lawsuit was brought on behalf of same-sex couples stating that the existing law violated the equal protection clause of the state constitution. A district court ruled in favor of the same sex couples and later the state Supreme Court upheld the district court ruling. Today same-sex marriage is legal in Iowa.

A similar scenario is likely in Minnesota unless the state constitution is amended to define marriage as between a man and woman.

Anyone who believes children are best nurtured in a setting which includes both a man and woman must vote “Yes” on the proposed constitutional amendment this fall. Again, remember not voting on the amendment is counted as a “No” vote." -- Hastings Star Gazette