Katrina Trinko: GOP Shouldn't Silence Itself on Social Issues Around Young Adults


Katrina Trinko responds to the New York Times article which tried to get the GOP to underplay social issues to young adults. On same-sex marriage she writes:

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"...Furthermore, while support for same-sex marriage may be growing among young Republicans, 63 percent of young Republicans either oppose or don’t have an opinion about gay marriage, according to the poll cited by the Times. That’s still two-thirds — hardly a tiny percentage.

I’m 24, and I’m used to being the odd one out among my peers in opposing the legalization of same-sex marriage. But I also get the impression that very few young adults have heard a good argument for why it should be opposed. It’s not that they’ve heard the argument that marriage should be tied to procreation — delivered charitably, with an awareness that many young adults have gay friends and/or family — and have rejected it so much as they simply have been emotionally moved by the case made by gay and lesbians who wish to be married. It might be worth thinking about how a better case can be made for traditional marriage before deciding that there is no way to win over more of public opinion on this point.

But it’s also worth noting the intensity of those young adults who support legalizing same-sex marriage, or as they call it, marriage equality. I don’t agree with their cause, but I admire their dedication and commitment. And they are showing that young adults do not merely vote on pocketbook issues, but that they are also very much attuned to and concerned about moral issues." -- National Review Online