Vote for Marriage in RNC Chairman’s Debate


Coming up, we have an important opportunity to help make sure that the Republican Party remains firmly committed to the cause of marriage. And we need your help.

On January 3rd, Americans for Tax Reform and the Susan B. Anthony List will be co-hosting the 2011 RNC Chairman’s Debate, giving the American people (and RNC voters) a chance to question the candidates on key issues ranging from national defense, to deficit spending, to protecting marriage and the family. The next RNC Chairman’s views on these issues will be a major factor in shaping party message, budget, and objectives as we begin heading into the 2012 election cycle.

Every question to be asked at the debate is currently being voted on at The most popular questions will be asked at the January 3rd debate.

So please take a moment today to go to and vote for marriage. In just a moment, I’ll give detailed instructions for what we need to do.

Our own chairman Maggie Gallagher will be at the January 3 debate, and was invited by Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser to participate in a series of pre-debate interviews with various candidates for the RNC Chairmanship. Click here to watch Maggie's questions for Saul Anuzis, RNC candidate from Michigan (or watch the full 9-minute interview here).

There is tremendous pressure from inside-the-Beltway, establishment Republicans to water down the party’s commitment to marriage, compromising with gay marriage advocates or trying to sweep the issue under the rug in hopes that it will go away. But it isn’t going anywhere – not with a Supreme Court ruling likely looming in the next two years – and we need a RNC Chairman who is willing to make the case for marriage, religious liberty and the proper role of the judiciary, investing resources to advance the cause of marriage both nationally and at the state and local level all across the country.

Polls show that upwards of 80% of Republicans firmly support marriage as the union of a husband and wife. There should be no doubt about where the RNC stands on this important issue. Help make your voice heard today, by visiting and placing your vote for marriage!

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Register. Go to and click the REGISTER button. You’ll need to provide an email address and create a password in order to vote.

2. Check your email. An email confirming your registration will be sent to the email address you provide. Click on the link in the email to confirm your account.

3. Vote for marriage! The primary marriage question is item #24 (scroll down to the question and click on the UP arrow to give it a “thumbs up” vote). The question reads:

Question #24
“Surveys uniformly show that over 80% of Republicans support the traditional definition of marriage. GOP candidates who support gay marriage like Dede Scozzafava, Bill Binnie and Tom Campbell have been trounced in GOP primaries. In the 31 states where marriage has appeared on the ballot, including in deep blue states like California and Maine, the voters in every state have rejected gay marriage and voted in favor of traditional marriage. Yet most candidates have been encouraged by the RNC to avoid speaking up on the marriage issue. Will you continue this policy or will you encourage candidates to make their position on marriage clear to voters?”

And while you’re there, you may also want to vote for Question #23:

“As chairman, what specifically would you do differently than current and past administrations when it comes to the issues of Life and Marriage? Will you highlight these two critical issues in political advertising programs?”

Thus far, only a few hundred people have voted for any question in the RNC Debate poll. With your help, we can send yet one more strong message to the RNC, reminding them that marriage is a core issue for Republican voters, and urging them to elect a chairman who will be steadfast and unwavering in his or her support for marriage.

Finally, as we head toward Christmas next week, please consider a gift to protect marriage. Your gift right now is especially important, as every dollar raised between now and the end of the year will be matched, doubling its impact. We have just a few weeks to prepare for next year’s legislative sessions, and need your help to ensure that we have the resources to immediately counter every threat that arises. Please make your most generous gift to the NOM Marriage Challenge today!