Austin Ruse on Why Chick-fil-A is Important for the Pro-Marriage Revolution


Austin Ruse writes at The Catholic Thing about what Chick-fil-A did for both sides of the marriage debate.

Their side:

"It’s like they saw us for the very first time.

They have heard about us. They certainly talk about us enough. They psychoanalyze us. They mock us. But they never really see us.

They know we may turn elections, even elections about marriage and even in liberal states. This is a puzzle to them because they certainly don’t know any of us on the Upper West Side of Manhattan or the Hollywood Hills.Perhaps they thought we were an embarrassment from the past, cringe-inducing folks from back home, odd ducks living down dusty roads, dangerous creatures living in malarial fever-swamps.

But they saw us last week lined up by the millions waiting sometimes hours to buy chicken sandwiches. We celebrated the day in our joyful, quiet, and respectful way – and it profoundly freaked them out. Rachel Held Evans is a left-wing Christian blogger..."

Our side:

"...And so this whole episode was important. We came out in droves. We came out by the millions and we voted with a buck and a cluck. Normal people. Not hate-filled bigots. It was a quadruple victory. First, we won. Second, they lost. Third, they know they lost. And fourth, they really saw us for the first time.

Perhaps as important as them seeing us for the first time is that we also saw ourselves. Face it: this issue can be lonely, lonely in the workplace, in popular culture, lonely among friends, lonely even among family.

Our opponents like it that way. They want us alone, isolated and defeated. They harp on the inevitability argument and it is quite effective. But last week the tables were turned. Last week we weren’t so alone were we? We were huge and didn’t it feel amazing? Didn’t you shyly smile at others in line, like we knew a secret? Well, it’s not a secret anymore.

Whoever thought that “Eat Mor Chikin” would become a secret password and a rallying cry for Western Civilization?"