No Violence, No Comments Promoting Violence


A group of 23 LGBT organizations denounced the shooting of the FRC guard. This is good. The debate about whether delegitimizing dissent by calling it "hate" played a role in this will have to play out over the next few weeks. We hope sincerely these groups reconsider the rhetoric, frequently expressed, that all opposition to gay marriage is motivated by hatred and a desire to discriminate.

A note on NOM's policies: we denounce all violence and harassment against all Americans on either side of the gay marriage divide. We believe good people disagree even on very important moral issues like the future of marriage.  We have repeatedly said that we see gay people as part of America --friends, neighbors and fellow citizens-- with whom we agree on some things and disagree on others.

NOM's comment policy does not permit suggestions of violence of any kind. Any comments like that will be deleted as soon as we get a chance to review them.