"Supporters of [SSM] Shouldn't Count Their Chickens Before They Hatch"


M. D. Harmon explores the real reason gay marriage activists in Maine are touting polls which they claim show them ahead -- it can demoralize supporters of marriage even though we can (and will!) win:

"...Polls before previous votes have shown large leads for the side pushing wholesale changes in the meaning of marriage, too, but the lead vanished on Election Day.

In truth, such claims of inevitable victory are a political tactic, designed to discourage opponents from contributing to the defense of marriage or going to the polls to vote "no" on this radical measure.

Fortunately, there are enough races on the ballot Nov. 6 to attract a large number of Mainers. Supporters of a "yes" vote shouldn't count their chickens before they hatch.

... These clueless elitists seem not to understand why insulting people who support traditional marriage as "bigots" has outraged millions.

So they must have been surprised when Americans decided to vote with their feet -- and in this case, their feet had wings. And thighs. And drumsticks. -- Morning Sentinel