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Gay-marriage advocates are now in court seeking to impose gay marriage on all 50 states, whether we like it or not. In today's Wall Streeet Journal op-ed, "Gay Marriage, Democracy and the Supreme Court," Princeton Prof. Robby George (NOM's chairman of the board) is the intellectual powerhouse who explains just how irrational and destructive making up a constitutional right to same-sex marriage would be.

Read it and rejoice!

Key excerpt:

"It would be disastrous for the justices to do so. They would repeat the error in Roe v. Wade: namely, trying to remove a morally charged policy issue from the forums of democratic deliberation and resolve it according to their personal lights. ...

"By short-circuiting the democratic process, Roe inflamed the culture war that has divided our nation and polarized our politics. Abortion, which the Court purported to settle in 1973, remains the most unsettled issue in American politics--and the most unsettling. Another Roe would deepen the culture war and prolong it indefinitely. ...

"Lawyers challenging traditional marriage laws liken their cause to Loving v. Virginia (which invalidated laws against interracial marriages), insinuating that conjugal-marriage supporters are bigots. This is ludicrous and offensive, and no one should hesitate to say so."

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Click here for Robert George's Wall Street Journal op-ed, "Gay Marriage, Democracy and the Supreme Court."

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