Help Stop Radical SSM Activists Obscenity-Laden Attempt to Corrupt our Children


Radical activists have released an angry and degrading new video that they are using to garner publicity and raise money for same-sex marriage advocacy. Already watched by nearly 2 million people, the 2-minute video is laced with dozens of angry obscenities, even putting obscene language in the mouths of 8 and 10-year-old kids.

Words fail me in trying to describe it . . . it’s vile, sickening and incredibly sad to see the way these children have been exploited for cheap shock value. I find myself thinking – is this the kind of thing they want to teach our children?

This video has been produced by a handful of radical gay marriage activists – but it’s being used to fund some of the nation’s largest same-sex marriage groups. NOM is calling on these same-sex marriage organizations – including the Courage Campaign, Lambda Legal, Equality California, and the American Foundation for Equal Rights – to reject these ads by their supporters. We call on them to reject all funding from this obscene campaign, and to demand an immediate end to this angry and hateful effort that is degrading our conversation and exploiting young children.

Click here to sign the petition urging these major same-sex marriage groups to publicly reject this hateful effort.

Then invite five friends to join you in signing. There is simply no place in American dialogue – no matter how much we may disagree with each other – for such filthy and exploitive ads. Ever.  Much less during this season of Christmas as well celebrate the birth of the Holy Child.

As we approach Christmas on Saturday, I ask you to consider a gift for marriage this year. We are on the verge of unprecedented opportunities – and great risks as well – that will shape the future of marriage in our nation. Our opponents certainly understand the stakes, and are raising millions to force their agenda on an unwilling nation.