Gay Marriage to be a Centerpiece of Democrat Convention


Over at my personal blog I look at the lengths the Democrats are going to make gay marriage a defining issue for their party at their annual convention next week in North Carolina.

I begin with two observations about that: a) it's ironic they would do so considering a plurality of Democrats in North Carolina just voted a few months ago to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman and b) social issues sure appear to factor in greatly for Democrats.

I wonder when the media will get the memo about both:

"...This is the face the modern democrat party wants to project: pro planned parenthood men (which really means pro planned parenthood women) and parents with gay kids (which really means gay parents) as the centerpiece of their convention.

In other words, people whose very identity is tied up with progressive politics. People who look to the government to secure their “right” to have government pay for their contraception and (when that fails) abortions and who demand government redefine marriage according to their definition and then force that definition upon the rest of society. That’s who the Democrat party wants to cater to.

Trampled underfoot in both these actions is, of course, religious liberty. It is, after all, only the Christian (and often particularly Catholic) witness in defense of the dignity of every human person and in defense of marriage and family that stands in the way of the sweeping social changes championed by the modern progressive movement. For the DNC to reach its public goals it must undermine and discredit the public witness of people of traditional faith and Catholics in particular. That’s an astonishing state of affairs, but I’m convinced it’s the reality we now inhabit."