Politicker NY: "Dems Who Flipped on Gay Marriage Aren’t Quite Feeling the Financial Love"


Politicker NY:

"...three Democrats who voted against gay marriage in 2009 also flipped their votes. And two of them—Joe Addabbo and Shirley Huntley, both of Queens—have tough races for re-election and aren’t quite feeling the same love as their GOP counterparts.

“Evidently Addabbo wasn’t as important to them as the Republicans,” Ms. Huntley told The Observer about LGBT donors who showered the four GOP senators with campaign cash. “Evidently our vote wasn’t important. I took a hit for that.”

Ms. Huntley and Mr. Addabbo, like the three Republicans seeking re-election, are all facing challengers who oppose gay marriage, yet there’s a big gap in how strong their campaigns are financially. Ms. Huntley most recently reported having about $33,000 in her campaign account, and Mr. Addabbo a bit over $100,000, while the Republicans range from twice that all the way up to over $600,000."

Gay activists may have forgotten about these three Democrat state senators, but the pro-marriage movement has not!