Video: Recapping the Arguments for Minnesota Marriage Amendment


Kalley Yanta reviews some of the key issues related to the Minnesota Marriage Amendment:

"This debate is about two competing views of marriage. Those who oppose the marriage protection amendment believe that marriage is fundamentally about what adults want for themselves. They see marriage as essentially a private matter and argue that society should let any two eligible adults regardless of gender form a relationship and have it legally recognized as a marriage. Now we believe that marriage was created by God as the union of one man and one woman for a very specific purpose. Not only does marriage unite the couple to each other but it was created to care for the next generation. We believe marriage is not merely a private matter but serves a very public purpose of providing the ideal environment for fathers and mothers to raise any children born of their union. These two views of marriage cannot co-exist because there can only be one definition of marriage in society. Which view of marriage prevails in Minnesota is what is at stake in this campaign."

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