Rev. Owens: "No One, Including Barack Obama, Has a Moral or Civil Right to Redefine Marriage"

Rev. Bill Owens in The Blaze:

" use the civil rights as a cover for such a cause is a hijacking of the movement, and we who were a part of that movement reject it. We who marched with Rev. King did not march one inch or one mile to promote same-sex marriage, and the NAACP has abandoned its historical responsibility to protect the civil rights movement.

In the same way, by embracing gay marriage, President Obama, our beloved son, has begun to lead the country down an immoral path.

As black pastors who must always adhere to the teachings of the Bible and our own consciences, we cannot approve of same-sex marriage and its normalcy in law or society, nor lead our congregations down that path.

Those in the gay community are rightly to be protected from violence and harassment, and to be able to vote, to hold jobs and enjoy the general rights of citizens. But no one, including Barack Obama, has a moral or civil right to redefine marriage."