Three Days Remaining! Double your support with a gift today!


Double your support for marriage with a year-end gift to NOM!

With NOM's $1 Million Marriage Challenge grant, every gift received (or postmarked) before midnight Friday will be matched, doubling the impact for marriage. Join us today as we close out 2010 and prepare to make an immediate impact for marriage in 2011.

We're already making ambitious plans for the new year - I'll have more details in the days ahead about the opportunities for 2011, including repeal of same-sex marriage in New Hampshire and Iowa, passing marriage amendments in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Indiana and North Carolina, and continuing to build the defense of California's Proposition 8 in preparation for a dramatic victory at the Supreme Court in 2012.

Over the past three years - with your help - NOM has grown to become one of the nation's most effective advocacy organizations, and the nation's largest national organization focused solely on defending marriage. And together we've achieved some incredible victories, becoming the largest single contributor to the Prop 8 campaign, organizing grassroots opposition to block same-sex marriage in New York and New Jersey, heading the effort to repeal same-sex marriage in Maine, and helping to flip state legislatures in New Hampshire, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

After playing defense for most of the past two years since the passage of Prop 8, we are now once more to go on the offensive, building legislative victories from the opportunities created this past November.

But it is going to take all of us joining together to make these victories possible. Click here to make your secure online gift right now. In just a few weeks, state legislatures will begin their 2011 session, and it is imperative that we have the resources to make an immediate difference in key states this year.

Same-sex marriage radicals will stop at nothing as they seek to force their agenda on the nation - "whether you like it or not!" as San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom put it so memorably. Even in just these past two weeks, we've seen the depths to which some same-sex marriage activists will stoop in their campaign for same-sex marriage - even to the point of exploiting young children, filling their mouths with hateful obscenities.

We need your help to fight back! Truth and love will always prevail over hatred and name-calling in the end.

Already, we've raised $336,520 to protect marriage through the matching challenge grant. And with just three days left in our $1 Million Marriage Challenge, we are working to raise an additional $663,480 to take full advantage of the challenge grant. Here's what I need you to do:

1) Take the Marriage Challenge right now! Would you make a year-end gift to protect marriage as we head into 2011? Each of us needs to step up and join the effort if we are to reach our goal and take full advantage of the challenge grant. We need you!

Can you give $10 as we come to the end of 2010? Maybe you can afford a gift of $100, or even $1,000? Whatever the amount, we need your participation – with your gift today, $20 becomes $40, $50 becomes $100, and $500 becomes $1,000 to protect marriage in 2011. Click here to make your secure online gift right now!

2) Then tell a friend! One of the best ways to maximize your support for marriage is to spread the word to your friends and relatives. Invite your friends to join us as we work to take full advantage of the opportunities we've been presented, making 2011 a pivotal year for the future of marriage. To help spread the word, simply forward this email to 10 friends, or go to and click on the "Like" or "Tweet" buttons at the top of the page. Become an ambassador for marriage by mentioning NOM's work at a holiday party this week, or at gatherings of friends and family.

If we all join together, I'm confident we can reach our goal by midnight Friday . . . but it will only happen with your help. Please, don't assume someone else will step up. We need YOU! Join us at today!