Albany Times Union: McDonald Race a "Reminder ...Grass-Roots Are At Least An Even Match" for the GOP Establishment


The Albany Times Union gets it: "the close race for McDonald was a reminder that a solid portion of the Republican base remains uncomfortable with same-sex marriage, and that grass-roots insurgents are at least an even match for the party's establishment candidates."

More from their coverage:

"...Unofficial numbers have Marchione ahead 6,792 to [McDonald's] 6,656.

No one was conceding the race, and lawyers for the campaign will negotiate how absentee ballots will be counted in coming days and weeks.

Though she always maintained her platform is broader, Marchione's challenge to McDonald became a localized referendum on his 2011 vote to legalize same-sex marriage.

A reminder about the financial differences between the two candidates:

"The race between Mr. McDonald and Ms. Marchione is the most expensive legislative primary in New York this year. Mr. McDonald has raised more than $926,000 in this campaign cycle, thanks in part to help from supporters of same-sex marriage, including Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who donated $10,300. Ms. Marchione, by contrast, has raised more than $180,000." -- The New York Times