Brian Brown on Chick-fil-A: "Dan Cathy Has Not Changed His Position on Marriage"



According to a statement from Civil Right Agenda, a homosexual rights group, Moreno has confirmed that Chick-fil-A will no longer give money to “anti-gay organizations” through its charitable foundation, WinShape, and has agreed to clarify “in an internal document that the company will treat every person equally, regardless of sexual orientation.” Moreno says he will no longer oppose Chick-fil-a’s efforts to open a location in Logan Square.

However, it is unclear how much has really changed.

... Interestingly, many news agencies reported that Civil Rights Agenda press release had originally mentioned Focus on the Family and the National Organization for Marriage as specific organizations that WinShape would no longer donate to.

That statement is no longer in the homosexual organization’s release. And it’s not hard to figure out why. Neither of these organizations received any funds from WinShape in 2010 – the last year for which figures are available. In fact, according to a statement from NOM today, NOM has never received funding from WinShape.

... NOM President Brian Brown told LifeSiteNews today that the egregious part of this story is that an alderman would tell a company what they can or can’t believe if they are to be granted access to the marketplace. “Dan Cathy has not changed his position on marriage,” he said, adding that he is still urging pro-marriage Americans to support the restaurant chain.