UK's Cameron Invites American SSM Activists in Attempt to Convince His Own Party


It's interesting that Cameron thinks he can avoid defeat within his own party on marriage from activists who have yet to score a victory for gay marriage in America:

David Cameron is concerned that his own backbenchers could sink his plan to change Britain’s marriage laws, if and when the issue comes to a vote in the Commons.

Although he has repeatedly tried to portray the case for same-sex marriage as a “conservative” cause, many of his MPs vocally disagree.

Meanwhile supporters within the Tory ranks have voiced frustration that those making the case for gay marriage have been “preaching to the converted” rather than taking the case to wavering Tories.

It is understood that senior Tories met a group of lobbying experts, who have worked with the US campaign group “Freedom to Marry”, ahead of a renewed charm offensive within the party.

They are understood to have discussed tactics at a “cross-governmental meeting” last Monday. -- UK Telegraph